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Understanding the World - Careers/WRL

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Our ambitious Work Related Learning (WRL) curriculum provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their fundamental pre-requisite WRL skills which will enable them to access a more formalised WRL offer from KS3 › P16; this offer will build upon each pupil’s previously acquired skills which considers prior school/ educational setting where relevant. The KS3 – P16 framework addresses WRL modules which are used to facilitate student access/ progress from their identified start point ensuring as pupils continue to move through the school & eventually into adult life, they can embed their learning & continue to develop their skills, knowledge & understanding of the World of Work (WoW) & subsequent WRL skills needed for tasks/ jobs in an informed way. The framework will prepare all pupils well through learning about, for & through work & to understand what work is & the contribution they will need to make to it where appropriate.


Our ambitious WRL offer will always be informed by students’ aspirations, their destination (life post school), their previous learning & their EHCP outcomes, particularly the outcomes specified within preparation for adulthood from Yr 9. Within our EYFS › Yr 6 WRL offer we will promote pupil’s early knowledge & understanding of the WoW through the acquisition of pre-requisite skills. We acknowledge that we need to continue to develop pupils’ key skills, widening learning environments with opportunities to practice/ apply / improve learned skills. From KS3 teaching of WRL will focus upon the delivery WRL modules identified by our schools. At KS4 to P16 we will promote students continued development of skills, knowledge & understanding of the WoW through bespoke WRL modules. Accreditation is mapped to ensure that when such accreditation modules are studied they secure meaning & purpose in celebrating achievement. Each school will design long-term planning to secure breadth, balance & relevance in the curriculum content studied to meet their cohort of pupil need.


All pupils/ students are well prepared for their next step/ stage as learning is built upon previous skill acquisition, knowledge & understanding of the WoW with a widening understanding of the contribution they may be able to make towards it. Students are able to enter adult life beginning to / demonstrating that they have an increased understanding in/ confidence to apply functional skills learnt to practical activities. Students are able to demonstrate/ show more autonomy in making informed choices about their future. They will achieve nationally recognised qualifications where appropriate & become more ambitious for their future alongside their family members 


All L2L pupils are encouraged to continue to develop their pre-requisite skills identified through robust assessment practice; L2L students will access the WoW through their immersive learning environments being encouraged to use/ apply/ extend their skills within Communication & Interaction & Cognition & Learning. Students are also able to join their Post 16 peers to address personalised learning outcomes ensuring progress over time in their personalised learning plan. EHCP outcomes (IEP targets) are used in such teaching/ learning sessions to ensure that students are able to access the P16 WRL curriculum in a meaningful way which provides planned opportunities to generalise & extend skills in new/ less familiar environments & with less familiar people. Through such means we can secure our assessment practice identifying when students have embedded their learning & confidently identify their next steps.

For more information please contact our Careers Leader : Rob Armstrong


Telephone: 01209215432