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Sennen Class - Reception KS2

Welcome to Sennen!

Our Class:


Sennen class is led by Jenny Buckland assisted by a team of teaching assistants who are extremely knowledgeable of the needs of the pupils. We are supported by the Specialist Intervention Therapy Team, a team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists with whom we work closely to produce targets and programmes for the pupils. These programmes are built into our everyday learning and the therapists enjoy joining us to see their programmes in action! Sennen class provides a happy, stimulating, fun and safe place to learn.

Our Curriculum:

Sennen class learns through a structured and holistic multisensory curriculum. This is informed by a developmental perspective where the starting point is the individual learner (EHC plan) and individual Engagement profile. The Engagement model, is a tool to describe and assess how a child or young person engages with learning through Engagement, Realisation, Anticipation, Persistence and Initiation. It is based on the observations of the child's behaviours and strategies during their most absorbing  interest activity or activities, which can take place in any environment. The Engagement profile can help to identify the child's strengths and needs and to plan appropriate interventions and support. Through these areas, pupils will develop interests, practice and refine skills and generalise the skills they have learnt in different ways and in different situations. They will learn how their actions affect their world and the people in it. The curriculum is personalised for each pupil and addresses the priority areas relating to the development of the learners throughout the day.  The aim in Sennen class is for each learner to achieve his or her potential in terms of  Cognition & Learning, Communication & Interaction (Receptive and Expressive), Sensory Development, Physical & Motor Skills, Social and Emotional and Mental Health.

We develop our Cognition and Learning through a wide range of activities in and outside of the classroom. We practice our Communication and Interaction skills with our friends, class team and the wider community. We learn through physical, fine and gross motor activities benefiting from spending lots of time learning in different environments and when out of our chairs. We learn through social & emotional activities which often include working and playing with our friends from other classes and from Illogan school.

Reading in Sennen Class. 

In Sennen class we love sharing books and sensory stories. We are working on our pre-reading skills. We really enjoy songs and rhymes; these are part of our phonics learning. We watch and listen as the initial letter of our name is written and spoken.  We are also learning to recognise environmental sounds, enjoy rhythm and identify difference in sounds, for example focussing on fast and slow rhythms, or listening to loud and quiet sounds. All of this comes into Letters and Sounds Phase 1 phonics, and all of the skills we are practicing will support us to learn to ‘read’ our environment. For all children this is the first building block in their reading journey. Additionally, we will be taught how to interpret photographs and signs, another component in early reading development. In Sennen Class reading and communication are closely linked and often cross over.


Learning Environment:

At Curnow Lower school we access a range of learning environments which support and vary our learning opportunities. We have a spacious classroom, a covered balcony and access to a sandpit, sunken trampoline and wheelchair accessible roundabout. We theme our balcony to link in with our topic so that our outside learning is an extension of our indoor learning. Our sensory room is used for a wide range of sensory, social, physical and conceptual development activities and the movement room provides a soft play area for structured and free movement sessions. We access the hall for dance and whole school assemblies as well as for other large group activities such as visiting musicians. The pupils work in small groups in different learning environments throughout the school day ensuring their learning is stimulating, varied and fun!