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Understanding the World - Computing

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At Curnow our intention within Computing is for our students to leave school with the digital literacy skills to safely access the world around them and to achieve the Computing tasks they need in preparing them for life. Whether that be using their eyes, cheeks or hands to activate switches to control their environment- playing with activities or turning on/off cooking equipment to sending emails, completing online application forms or operating kitchen equipment for independent cooking and cleaning. Acquiring skills appropriate to their individual needs including to safely pursue leisure activities such as digital media including music and videos, using digital money devices such as chip and pin and self-service checkouts, safely searching for new recipes and information.


Computing offers a breadth of learning with the aim of developing computational thinking, an understanding of how digital systems work and ensuring pupils become digitally literate to access the world around them.

In the Ready to Learn strand (R2L) Computing is delivered via subject specific sessions promoting the development of key skills which are further pursued through links within the wider curriculum. The three strands of Computing teaching which identify the development of key skills are delivered from Yr 2 – Yr 11 via long term planning ensuring all learning remains sequenced.

The Learning to Learn (L2L) offer examines the development of pre-requisite skills within the EHCP child specific outcomes in the areas of Communication & Interaction, Cognition & Learning and Sensory & Physical. These are implemented alongside the engagement profile and through computing activities and learning in a topic based approach.

As pupils journey into key stage 4 and post 16 their learning progresses into activities for life skills and independence in the wider world, continuing to generalise the skills they have learned and applying these to real life situations.


Within our computing curriculum at Curnow the impact on our students will be that they:

  • Make progress from their differing starting points and over time progress well within the key skills of Computing. Developing skills through differentiated learning as they journey through the key stages.
  • Know how to stay safe online and to be given a voice to say when something goes wrong and to communicate about what they see/hear online.
  • Experience learning that remains sequential & builds on long term memory and experience
  • Enjoy their learning and engage well.
  • Have increased confidence in being able to use computing/ technology for a purpose for leisure, independence and where appropriate work.
  • Be more independent within their ability to make choices and communicate with others.