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Primary News Stories

How we are using the Primary News materials to learn about the wider world!

Primary News is a resource that we have sent to us in an accessible format each week, teaching us about an event or issue that has been in the news each week.  We are using this at Upper School in our assemblies, and some of our classes dig deeper into the story, supporting the English, Maths, Geography and PSHE/SMSC areas of the curriculum (other areas will be addressed according to the news story).  We are very pleased with the effect that this is having in opening up the students's understanding of the wider world and in allowing them to learn about how news can make them feel, how it can spark discussion and how it can keep us informed about wider issues.  We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures of Mylor Class learning about emoji's, how one boy campaigned to change the geek emoji and how they can make us, and illustrate how we, feel.

Each week the news story is displayed in class to allow for further discussion and revisiting.  The main points raised are collated in a class book for sharing and reading.


Millie decides if she does or does not like the geek emoji, Iyla see's what is in the picture.

The student's ideas are recorded, some students will be able to speak the words, others will use various AAC methods to share their ideas.


Just like the boy in the news, the student's designed their own emoji's.