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Enrichment Curriculum

Curnow School Curriculum - Enrichment




We believe that all pupils should have access to a wide and stimulating curriculum offer. We are further developing our curriculum to ensure that there are opportunities for individual skills and talents to be developed and nurtured through the breadth of our curriculum offer.

We want to ensure that we develop pupils as a ‘whole’ through the personal development offer, of which, the enrichment curriculum is an essential part. This will allow pupils to try new activities, to learn about their strengths and discover new talents and skills.


Our enrichment curriculum will be delivered across the academic year with both weekly sessions and termly weeks, ensuring that there is a broad range of activities and subjects complementing our core, creative and understanding the world curriculum.

We have organised the enrichment curriculum in the following ways:

Enrichment weeks

Autumn Term (Upper) Spring (Lower)

Spring Term (Upper) Autumn (Lower)

Summer Term

Culture Week



Creative Arts Week


Activity Week

Curriculum Subjects

Curriculum Subjects

Curriculum Subjects

Religious Education






Physical development/Outdoor activities


Design and Technology

This will focus on a different country/continent each year to ensure pupils have an understanding and experience of the wider world.

 They will learn about differences and similarities with respect to the country, its people and its religions.


This will be delivered and focus on the Nativity at lower and the Performance week/RLG at Upper and will develop pupils experience and skills in relation to art , music and drama in preparation for the performance in front of an audience at the end of the term

During the summer term, we focus on outdoor education and sport as well as having a science and DT day. This allows for a whole day focus within these curriculum areas, pupils are able to try new activities and work alongside different pupils and with different staff.