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Inclusion for a life outside of school.


At Curnow School we see ourselves as a vital step in each student’s journey into adulthood.  We are committed to ensuring that we allow our students as many opportunities as possible to apply the skills they learn within the school environment to scenarios beyond their timetabled sessions.  We believe that this ensures that all learning is generalised, committing to their long-term memory.  We are extremely proud of our student's ability to fly the Curnow flag when outside of their own classroom, whether they are independent or interdependent, we know that they show the best of Curnow through their behaviour and attitudes.

We are very fortunate that our primary site is co-located with Illogan Primary School.  This facilitates opportunities for both co-horts to engage socially and in meaningful learning sessions.  Additionally, we have a joint school council and share organised celebration days such as World Book Day and Red Nose Day.

We encourage integration at an early stage as the students are able to foster long-term connections with each other that grow through the years that they attend the primary schools.  We are very proud of the learning and engagement from both Curnow and Illogan children during these connected sessions.  We know that the children from Curnow and Illogan Schools benefit greatly from the times that they are able to play and learn together and are proud that we are able to provide these opportunities and experiences as part of our school offer (see below for example Integration Profiles).

When our students leave Curnow Lower School for Curnow Upper School, they are able to experience new linked learning and social opportunities celebrating diversity within our school community.  We encourage shared engagement through our curriculum, joining together for those activities that are enhanced by collaboration. 

A recent example included learning about the school environment within PSHE.  This involved our Learning to Learn students working alongside our Ready to Learn students on a joint project identifying areas that could be improved for everyone.

Using our local links we have been able to take part in community activities planned and organised by the Redruth Learning Group.  This is a group of local schools that work together with our students on shared projects.  A highlight of which this is the annual dance show.  This comprises of a 12 week programme of social engagement, joint practice and rehearsals, culminating in a show held in the local  Theatre.  This  event is very popular with our parents and students.

By the time our students reach Post 16 we are proud of the way they conduct themselves and their ability to apply their learning beyond the school setting.   Whether it's sailing with the  Helford Sailing Trust, participating in the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge or when using public transport (travel training), our students never fail to impress us and anyone that is lucky enough to meet them. They become true ambassadors for Curnow School and we are very proud of each and every one of them!