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Understanding the World - Science


We aspire to provide a high quality Science education that equips students with the foundations they need to recognise the importance of Science in every aspect of daily life.  Through the 3 areas:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics, all students are given the opportunity to explore, investigate, problem solve, communicate and think critically whilst preparing them to develop the functional scientific skills required to lead a life after school that is as independent as possible.


Science is delivered though planned opportunities for active and experiential play and more structured practical activities that provide students with meaningful scientific experiences.  These experiences are designed to stimulate their senses as well as to encourage students to develop curiosity, explore surroundings and wonder at their environment.

Within the EYFS, Science is delivered though Knowledge & Understanding of the world; Physical Development, Communication and Language.  Between KS1 – KS4, Science is delivered though our Understanding the World curriculum and long term planning is driven by key skills.  Scientific aspects and principles are taught in Post 16 through the three strands:  Health, Wellbeing and Relationships; Work Related Learning and Independent Life Skills.


The successful approach to the teaching of Science at Curnow School will result in a fun, engaging, high quality Science education that provides students with the foundations, knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas and processes to discover why Science is a fundamental part of everyday life and to prepare them for adult life after school.